SPS Faculty & Staff

3 - 5 Team

Middle School Team

K - 2 Team

Middle School Team

Middle School Team

Exceptional Ed. Team

Exceptional Ed. Team

Exceptional Ed. Team

Exceptional Ed. Team

Heidie Cumbie - SPED 

Stacey Brown - Pediatric OT

Angela Shippy - SPED

Tiffane Robinson - SPED Director/ESOL 

Valerie Geen - RTI

Kelly Waters - Gifted and Talented

Hailey Zehner - Speech

Abby Brennan - Speech

Special Areas

Exceptional Ed. Team

Teacher Assistants

Bradford Holmes - Technology

Leslie Dingler - Art

Samantha McElveen -  Art

Sarah Benedict - Music

Jasmine Sullivan - Yoga

Ashley Cannon- PE/Athletic Director

Lejerik Cannon - PE

Hongyan Song - Mandarin Chinese

Min Wang - Mandarin Chinese

Noemy Miguel - Spanish

Teacher Assistants

Exceptional Ed. Team

Teacher Assistants

Sharie Davis - K (Page)

Katie Redko - K (Henderson)

Nicole Gary - K (Pohl)

Camille Moore - K (Harvel)

Tiffany Meadows - 1st 

Yolanda Canty - 1st 




Miranda Cooke - Officer Manager

Courtney Huffman - Guidance Counselor/Testing Coordinator

Bridgette Taylor - Front Office Receptionist

Heather Engelhardt - Front Office Receptionist/Powerschool 

Chasity Bowman - ISS/Parent Liaison 

Missy White - Lunch Assistant

Regan Budnick - Lunch Director

Angela Graham - Nurse

Chuck Marsalisi - Facilities/Safety Director

William Dendy - Facilities

Steve Bradford - Facilities

Christina Quigley - Facilities

Angela Young - Facilities

Tom Wood - Facilities




Tomikia Whitmire - Head of School

Kerri Camp - Assistant Principal, Kindergarten - 2nd

Hannah Keever - Assistant Principal, 3rd - 5th

Lynnell Lawson - Middle School Dean of Culture

Sean Baker - Kindergarten - 5th Dean of Culture


Contact Us


Contact Us

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